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From the 2nd December the use of fairway protection mats will
be compulsory when playing a shot from the fairway. This means that any players ball that is on the fairway must be placed on a fairway protection mat to play your shot. You will see blue posts on either side of the approach to the green 10 yards short of each green, if your ball is past these you have the choice to play off your mat or play it off the grass. If your ball is in the rough you may lift,clean and place your ball within 6 inches no nearer the hole. Mats will not be used in the rough at this moment.

If you do not have a fairway protection mat you can purchase one from the professional shop

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04.01.2021 20:52
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Following announcement by the Prime Minister, the golf club is in lock-down until further notice. 5/1/21
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