Knockouts 2022


Club Knockouts 2022 Entry : Please do not enter Knockouts if you have busy work or holiday schedules in April, May, June & July.

How to make sure you’re in the Draw :- Envelopes are available in the Pro Shop & the Bar for entry into the following Knockout Competitions:

Men’s Singles £3

Men’s 4BBB £5 per pair

Men’s Foursomes’ £5 per pair

Seniors 4BBB £5 per pair

Place your name(s) on the envelope & state competition entering & enclose fee(s) in envelope and hand in over the Bar or in the Pros Shop.

Competitions will check your entry and confirm your entry.

Entry closes on Wednesday 20th April 2022.


Competition Booking


To negate any further confusion around the number of players that can be inputted into a competition when BRS goes live, the following applies:

Any singles competition only 2 players can be inputted by an individual.

Any doubles competition 4 players can inputted by an individual.

This is to allow a fair chance for all players to book a time due to limited availability, especially as we come towards the season and the tee times become more popular.

Rory Walsh
Competitions Chairman

Mid Week Competitions

There will be a total of 18 Mid Week Competitions this year, we will again be splitting into two competitions of 9 rounds. The rules will be as follows:

Best 5 Stableford scores from 9 rounds.

First 9 rounds - Wednesday 27th April to Wednesday 22nd June

Second 9 rounds - Wednesday 29th June to Wednesday 24th August

Rory Walsh
Competitions Chairman

Qualifying Competition Rules

As a Handicap Committee along with Competitions we are striving to ensure that our club follows the guidelines set out by Golf England. One of these being that players should be encouraged to return scores for handicap purposes throughout the year. To achieve this the club is committed to ensuring that the course is set up for competitions for all sections to allow for this under the preferred lies period rules where conditions allow.

Players must note that the following rules apply:

· Preferred lies – This period runs from 1st October through to 30th April each year. For scores to be acceptable for handicapping, the local rule may allow the lie to be preferred on closely mown areas within 6” of the original lie of the ball. The local rule for marking, lifting, cleaning and replacing on the same spot, may be used anywhere within the general area (ie in the rough).

· Mats – Acceptable scores may be returned in Competitions and in general play when there is a local rule in place requiring the compulsory use of fairway mats to protect the natural surfaces of the course during the preferred lies period.

· Bunkers – Providing a local rule is in place, bunkers may be taken out of play and marked as GUR for situations such as severe or prolonged wet weather. There is no limit on the number of the bunkers that can be taken out of play.

There will be occasions where conditions due to weather, course maintenance or other factors prevent the course from being within the criteria required for qualifying purposes and the competitions and greens chairmen will endeavour to give suitable warning where this will be the case. If you have any questions around these rules please contact Rory, Paul Crisp or any member of the Handicap Committee.

Rory Walsh

Competitions Chairman

Board Prizes 2022


The format for Board Prizes 2022 will be as follows:

Wood Seddon - Best 2 Stableford Scores from 4 Rounds.
Feb 4th and 19th
March 5th and 12th

Spring Trophy - Stableford.
April 9th

Lawson Cup - Best 3 medal scores from 6 rounds.
April 16th and 30th
May 7th and 24th
June 4th and 18th

Club Championship: Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th July

- 36 holes over the weekend
- Nett and 24 Gross qualify for round 2.
- Craig Bowl best 36 hole gross score (Club Champion).
- Philbin Varney best 36 hole Nett score.

Captains Day - 36 holes Medal over two consecutive Saturdays.
June 25th and 2nd July

Presidents Day - Bogey.
Sept 3rd

Autumn Trophy - Medal.
Oct 1st

St Andrews Trophy - Best 6 Nett Medal scores from 10 rounds.

Centenary Trophy - Best 6 Gross Medal scores from 10 Rounds.

(10 qualifying rounds - Lawson cup rounds 1-6, Captains Day 1 and 2, Club Championship Round 1, Professionals Prize)

Knockouts - Singles, 4 Ball Better Ball, Foursomes and Scratch. (Details of formats and how to enter will be available shortly)

All winners of Board Prizes 2022 will be eligible to win the Champion of Champions trophy which will be held at the end of the season.
Sun 9th October

Rory Walsh
Competitions Chairman

Decision of a Tie in Stroke Play. Rule 33-6

(For Match play ties see knockout rules)

The Spring Trophy, Lawson Cup, Craig Bowl, Philbin-Varney, St. Andrew’s & Centenary Trophy board prizewinners will all be decided by an 18-hole play off.  The play offs must be played
before 31st August .  If the scores are still level after the play off then a sudden death play off will decide.

The Captain’s Prize & President’s Prize board winners will be decided by a four hole play off at approximately 6pm following the competition.  If that does not determine a winner then it
will go to a sudden death play off.All other competition ties (including the Autumn Trophy) will be decided by a card play off as follows:

Card Play-offs

18 Hole Competition16 Hole Competition14 Hole Competition
Back 9 (Holes 10-18)Back 7 (Holes 10-16)Back 5 (Holes 10-14)
Back 6 (Holes 13-18)Back 4 (Holes 13-16)Back 2 (Holes 13 & 14)
Back 3 (Holes 16-18)Back 1 (Hole 16)
Back 1 (Hole 18)
Front 6 (Holes 1-6)Front 6 (Holes 1-6)Front 6 (Holes 1-6)
Front 3 (Holes 1-3)Front 3 (Holes 1-3)Front 3 (Holes 1-3)
Front 1 (Hole 1)Front 1 (Hole 1)Front 1 (Hole 1)
Toss Coin (lots for 3 or more)Toss Coin (lots for 3 or more)Toss Coin (lots for 3 or more)

Handicap Committee

The Council is pleased to inform the membership that a new Handicap Committee has been set up to continue the considerable work that has been put in by those involved in implementing the new World Handicap System.

The new committee consists of Paul Randall – Handicap Chairman, Louise Rowley, Tim Handford, Brian Kelly, and Gabe Bagshaw.

Aim of committee:

• To comply with our obligation under England Golf to have a formalised Handicap Committee consisting of at least 3 members including a Handicap Chair, to carry out the duties/responsibilities directed by England Golf. More details can be found below• To provide the best possible experience for all existing and new members in all matters relating to obtaining, maintaining, and playing with their handicap at home and away including overseas in both social and competitive golf.

Brief outline of handicap policy:

• New members: Will obtain an initial handicap by completing and submitting a minimum of 3 x 18-hole rounds or 6 x 9-hole rounds. Wherever possible at least one of these rounds should be accompanied by a member of the handicap committee. This will provide an opportunity to help the new member get an understanding of the complexities of Handicap indexing, scoring, and submitting a card along with many other areas which to a new member can be baffling. Achieving an initial handicap will allow a new member to take part in competitions within the membership category that they have joined so that they can continue to submit further supplementary and competition cards.
• Existing members: To encourage all members to regularly submit handicap scores in both social and competition golf at home and when playing away so that they achieve and maintain an accurate history of 20 rounds with 8 counting rounds.
• The handicap committee will work closely with the competition chair to ensure any unreturned cards and other handicap related matters within competitions are handled as directed by England Golf
• The handicap committee will provide the members with regular communication and will send out updates with handicap features/advice and news
• Should any member have any handicap related queries please contact one of the committee members who will be pleased to help them with the matter


Click Here for Handicap-Committee-Member-Role-Description

Professional’s 2’s Competition

The Professional will be happy to take £1 off you for a 2’s competition in each club competition.

Players scoring a 2 or better on any hole will be awarded a share of the ball pool for that competition. If there are no 2’s the ball pool will rollover to the next Saturday for Saturday competitions & the next Wednesday for Wednesday competitions.

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