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Come Along and Join Us

Ashton on Mersey is a fantastic golf club with a delightful course, excellent facilities, staff and members who go out of their way to make you feel welcome. If you are interested in becoming a member, why not give us a call or fill in the "Contact us" form. Alternatively you can come down and talk to our Club professional, Kris Andrews or feel free to join us on any Wednesday evening and have a chat with the Captain or any of the members. We have competitive membership fees and believe we offer the best value for money in the area. Membership fees are shown below.

An added bonus with the membership is a partnership with Dukinfield GC, Marsden Park and other discounted courses to play golf there as well.

Some restrictions apply

Annual Subscription from 1st April 2024

Included in the sums as shown below will Affiliation Fee of £15.25 per Member plus £4.75 Insurance Premium.

Membership Category One Payment (by 30th April) 12 Monthly Payments
Full Playing Member £960.00 £80.00
Six Day Member £870.00 £72.50
Silver Member £771.00 £64.25
Five Day Member £725.00 £60.42
Student (18 to 25) £210.00 £17.50
Young Player (age 18) £186.00 £15.50
Young Player (age 19) £262.00 £21.83
Young Player (age 20) £323.00 £26.92
Young Player (age 21) £383.00 £31.92
Young Player (age 22) £445.00 £37.08
Young Player (age 23) £505.00 £42.08
Young Player (age 24) £565.00 £47.08
Young Player (age 25) £626.00 £52.17
Young Player (age 26) £686.00 £57.17
Young Player (age 27) £747.00 £62.25
Young Player (age 28) £808.00 £67.33
Young Player (age 29) 865.00 £72.08
Junior Player (7 to 12) £30.00 N/A
Junior Player (13 to 15) £50.00 N/A
Junior Player (age 16) £60.00 N/A
Junior Player (age 17) £90.00 N/A
Country Membership £210.00 N/A
Social Membership £55.00 N/A

Additional Membership Information


Affiliation Fees: the sum of £17.25, which is included in all our golf club membership fees, goes to pay mandatory fees paid by all golf clubs to the English Golf Union & Cheshire Golf Union. These affiliation fees help the EGU & CGU to develop, promote and administer the game of golf.

Insurance: the Club’s overall liability insurance now covers all members regardless of where they play. This cover does not extend to golf equipment.

The 2024-25 fees due 1st April 2024.

Members who wish to pay by ‘lump Sum ‘ will be required to pay in full before the 30th April 2024.

Members who have elected for this arrangement who fail to pay by 31st May 2024 will not be allowed to play the course or use the Club’s facilities until the full sum has been paid.

Members who wish to pay by installments over 12 months must agree to put in place a direct debit to pay the monthly sum due to take effect from April 2024 with the final installment payable in March 2025.

Members who have elected to pay by installments but fail to maintain the monthly payment will be not be allowed to play the course or use the Club’s facilities, if they are more than one month in arrears.

Members (excluding Juniors) joining the Club after 1st July 2024 will be required to pay the full annual subscription on a pro rata basis, unless otherwise determined by Council.

By Order of the Council.

Simon Dewsnip
Club Secretary

* Applicants must provide proof of full time education and be living away from home.

For more details contact the Secretary or Professional

Telephone - 0161 976 4390
Email -

Please leave a message on the answer phone if calling out of hours and we will return your call.

Membership Benefits & Downloads

Benefits that have been pulled together for you as a member of Ashton on Mersey Golf Club. Some of the benefits you may know of but there is clarity as to how to take up the benefit plus there are several new benefits that we have developed with local businesses and others that we have approached to provide some value to you as members of Ashton on Mersey Golf Club.

You can find a copy of our Benefits list below, along with our Membership Application Form.